a young man wanted to ensure that his virgin bride

a young man wanted to ensure that his

virgin bride sexual inexperience

wouldn’t be a cause of any tension or

trouble one evening as they sat together

the young man decided to address this

delicate topic he gently explained to

his bride that he didn’t want her to

ever feel pressured or obligated to have

SE with him he emphasized that any

physical intimacy should come naturally

and willingly from her side I want you

to be completely comfortable with me he

said and I want it to always be your

choice the bride responded with a smile

that’s so sweet of you I really

appreciate your understanding and Care

wanting to make things as easy and

comfortable as possible for her the

young man came up with a clever idea he

kissed her on the nose affectionately

and said as a matter of fact darling Eve

thought of a simple way for us to

communicate in bed without any

awkwardness I’ve devised a little code

his bride looked at him

curiously intrigued by the idea of a Cod

he continued

here’s how it works when we’re in bed at

night and you want to have you can tell

me by pulling my prick once but if you

don’t want to have just pull my prak 100


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