A young man started L!CKING …

A young man is starting his  first ever job at a morgue.  The boss of the morgue thinks, I’ll throw  him in at the deep end on his first day  give him a real challenge. So he takes the  young man to a door and he tells the young man  “Behind this door is a room with nothing in  in it apart from a dead old woman  lying completely naked on a slab.   You have to go in inspect her body. “Inspect her body?” the young man asks  “Yes.” replies the boss.”  Check if everything’s OK.  So the young man goes through the door into the room, and  the boss waits outside. After what seems like a very long time,  the young man comes out of the room. “Everything OK?” asks the boss  “Yes.” answers the young man, except one thing. She’s got   a prawn stuck up her p*ssy. “She’s got a prawn stuck up  her p*ssy !!?”exclaims the boss, astonished “Yes.”  replies the young man. The boss decides he has to go and check this . So he goes into the room and  the young man waits outside.  The boss quickly returns, and the  young man says” See.I told you.  “That’s not a prawn. that’s her clito is!” explains the boss  the young man says “Well, it tasted like a prawn. LOL😁😁

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