A woman Joins a Golf Club

a woman joins a golf club when she hears

the guys talking about their golf round

she says I played on my college golf

team I was pretty good mind if I join

you next week no one wants to say yes

but they’re on the spot finally one man

says okay but we start at 6:30 a.m. he

figures the early tea time will

discourage her the woman says this may

be a problem and ask if she can and be

up to 15 minutes late they roll the eyes

but say okay she’s there at 6:30 a.m.

sharp and beats all of them with an eye

opening to underpar round she’s fun and

pleasant and the guys are impressed they

congratulate her and invite her back the

next week she smiles and says I’ll be

there at 6:30 or 6:45 the next week

she’s again shows up at 6:30 sharp only

this time she plays left-handed the

three guys are incredulous as she still

beats them with an even par round

despite playing with her up hand they

totally amazed they can figure her out

she’s very pleasant and a gracious

winner they invite her back again but

each man Harbors a burning desire to

beat her the third week she’s 15 minutes

late which irritates the guys this week

she plays right-handed and narrowly

beats all three of them the man grumes

that her late arrival is a petty

gamesmanship on her part however she’s

so charming and complimentary of their

strong play they can’t hold the grudge

this woman is a riddle no one can figure

out they have couple of beers in the

clubhouse and finally one of the men

asks her how do you decide if you’re

going to golf right-handed or

left-handed the lady blushes and Grains

when my dad taught me how to play golf I

learned I was ambidextrous she replies I

like to switch back and forth when I got

married after college I discovered my

husband always sleeps in the nude from

then on I developed a silly habit right

before I leave in the morning for golf

practice I pull the covers of him if his

Willie points to the right I golf

right-handed if it points to the left I

golf left-handed the guys think this is

historical astonished at this bizarre

information one of the guys says trickly

what if it’s pointing straight down she

says then I’m 15 minutes late

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