A woman comes home and suddenly finds her sister with her husband in the bedroom

a mother comes home from work to find

that her kids are hiding behind the

couch she asks what’s wrong and the kids

reply that Aunt Sally was in the house

naked so she goes to her bedroom to

investigate and she finds her husband

lying on the bed naked she asks what

what’s going on he

replies I’m having a heart

attack she says I’m going to call

911 while I’m really looking for my

sister she discovers the aunti is in the

bathroom closet in the nude and gives

her a slap how dare you my husband is

having a heart attack and you’re running

around scaring the kids

a super hot chick walks into her church

and says to the priest forgive me Father

for I have

sinned the priest says tell me dear

what’s on your mind well father I am a

sex addict and lately I discovered that

I like doing it with

priests I had sex with the one from the

church two blocks from here the one five

blocks from here and also the one from the church

nearby the priest says it’s okay just

pray three times a day for one week and

it will all be okay as a girl tries to

go out the priest says oh and don’t

forget that I will always be here for you

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