A Wife Went To Doctor

A wife from Montana had an appointment with her doctor to ask for advice on how to treat her husband’s lack of s*x drive. “Have you tried Vi@gr@?” the doctor asked.

“Not a chance,” the lady replied, “He doesn’t even take aspirin.” “Not a problem,” the doctor replied, “Just give him some Montana Vi@gr@.”

“What’s Montana Vi@gr@?” “It’s simple. You discretely put the Vi@gr@ into his coffee when he’s not looking. He won’t be able to taste it.”

“Try it out and get back to me in a week and tell me about the results.” A week later, the lady called the doctor. “Oh my lord!” she wailed, “Terrible! Just terrible.”

“Really? What happened?” the doctor replied. “I did as you told me, I put the pill into the coffee, and the effect was immediate.”

“He flew up from the chair, and his eyes were positively smoldering.” “With a quick motion he swept all the cups and the tablecloth from the table, ripped my clothes off and took me then and there on the table.”

“It was a nightmare I tell you, a nightmare.” “Oh, I see, but why was it so bad, shouldn’t this be a good thing?” the doctor asked in a worried tone.

“Oh yes, this was the best thing to happen to me in 25 years!” “But I can tell you right now, I will never be able to show my face in the downtown Starbucks again!”

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