A student forced the teacher to show him her…

Billy’s teacher is warned at the

beginning of the school year not to ever

make a bet with Billy unless she’s

absolutely sure she will win it one day

in class Billy raises his hand and says

teacher I’ll bet you $50 I can guess

what color your underwear is she replies

okay meet me after class and we’ll

settle it but before class ends she goes

to the restroom and removes her panties

after class is over and the students

clear out Billy makes his guess it’s

blue nope you got it wrong she says as

she lifts her skirt to reveal she isn’t

wearing any underwear well come with me

out to my dad’s car he’s waiting for me

and I’ll get you the money she follows

him out when they get to the car he

informs his dad that he got the BET

wrong and that she showed Billy she

wasn’t wearing any underwear his dad

exclaims my son bet me $100 this morning

that he would see your lady for before

the end of the day

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