A professor takes his class on a field trip

They are gathering scat samples in a nearby forest for population analysis of recently reintroduced wolves.

He tells the students the sampling instructions and to meet him back at the parking lot before dusk, and they go on their way.

With the sun setting, the students start returning and scatter across the parking leaving their sample bags everywhere. Annoyed, he mumbles under his breath about students these days being so disorganized. He starts the head count, and notices two students are running late and gets worried.

Just then the two students come running back to the car screaming “professor, professor, we heard howling, and we didn’t know what to do, and we started running, and left our samples behind, but we didn’t know the way back and we’re so sorry for freaking out!”

The professor calmed them and said “I don’t care that you lost your shit. You’re back now and you’re safe”

He turned the other students and barked “the rest of you, get your shit together and let’s go!”

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