A lady took off her p@nties with great confusion on the romantic night…

A married couple was celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. They went to the same hotel they stayed at 10 years ago. They got the same room as before. They went to the same restaurant and had the same meals. They had a few drinks at the restaurant, and they had more champagne when they returned to their room. They were pretty drunk and they decided it was time to finish their romantic honeymoon night. They both got naked and stood at opposite sides of the room. At a signal, they ran at each other, but they missed. The husband fell two floors out of the window and landed in the grass outside the hotel. A hotel worker saw him land and ran over to see if he was alright. The worker said, Hey buddy, are you ok? The husband said, Can you get me a blanket? I’m naked here, and I need to go thru the main lobby and go upstairs and check on my wife! The worker said, You don’t have to worry about the main lobby, nobody’s there. The husband said, You mean nobody’s in the main lobby? The worker said, No man. They all ran upstairs to watch them take some chick off a doorknob!

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