A knight and a princess

A knight rides on a road. Suddenly, a frog comes to him.

– I am under a spell, – the frog says. – Kiss me, and I’ll become a beautiful princess, and will be your wife and love you forever.

The knight kisses the frog and – Bamf! – it indeed turns into a princess. And the princess is so beautiful, he embraces her, takes her clothes off, makes love to her… Once he finishes, he dresses up and turns away to continue on his journey.

– Excuse me, knight? – the princess says. – Why are you leaving? Is that a knightly behavior? What about marrying me, what about living happily ever after?

The knight looks at her angrily and flicks her on the forehead. Bamf! – and she is a frog again. He looks at the frog, picks it up, and kisses it again. Bamf! – a princess. A flick on the head – Bamf! – a frog. A kiss – princess. A flick – frog. He thinks, picks up the frog and pockets it.

– Hmm, – he says. – Convenient!

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