A guy goes to a Br0thel house and asks for a girl.

A guy goes to a bad house and asks for a girl.

The madam explains that she’s sorry, but all the girls are occupied. All she has is the goat at the end of the hall.

He can do the goat for ten dollar. Guy goes to the room at the end of the hall, and indeed, there’s a goat.

The goat is washed and smells nice with a soft, furry skin. He thinks, what the hell, why not?

And has passionate time with the goat. A week later, he feels frisky again and decides to go back.

He asks for the goat, but alas, the madam informs him that even the goat isn’t available. But she has a peeping theater available.

He pays ten dollar and goes to the peeping room, where there are several men in the dark, watching through a see through mirror how a guy is going to town on the ugliest woman he ever laid eyes on.

The man turns to his neighbor and says, man, that chick is ugly.

The other guy turns around and says, that’s nothing. Last week, they had someone screwing a goat.

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