A Guy goes to a Br0thel he select a specfic Girl

a guy goes to a br0thel he

selects a girl pays her $200 up front

and he gets undressed she’s about to

take off her sheer pink negy when the

fire alarms ring she runs out of the

room with his $200 still in her hand he

quickly grabs his clothes and runs out

after her he’s searching the building

but the Smoke Gets too heavy so he runs

outside looking for her by this time the

firemen are there he sees one of them

and asks did you see a beautiful blonde

in a sheer pink neglige with $200 in her

hand the fireman says no the guy then

says well if you see her screw her it’s paid

for so a man goes to a br0thel he asks for

Stacy ah Stacy Says The Madam she is one

of our finest she charges out at $1,000

an hour I’ll take her for an hour then

says the man and he does he returns the

following night asks for Stacy and has

another hour with her same on the third

night as he is dressing again Stacy is

over come with curiosity you’ve come

here for three nights in a row paid full

rack rate and left who are you and where

are you from my name is John I am from

San Clemente San Clement uses Stacy I have a

sister in San

Clemente yes I know says John her name

is suszie I am her lawyer Susie died

last week she left you $3,000

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