A genie granted the man’s wishes and said let me go to bed with…

Walter and Birgit, a married couple, play golf. They are shocked to see Walter’s ball fly through the window of a house and shatter into countless pieces. They immediately go to the house to apologize to the owner.

No one answers the door, so they look through the broken window. They see a broken vase and a man with a turban on his head is standing next to it. Walter asks, are you the owner of this house?

The man in the turban replies, no, I was trapped in this vase for over 2,000 years. Someone shot that golf ball through the window, knocked over the vase, and now I’m finally free.

Walter isn’t a closer, so he says, oh, you’re a genie. The man in the turban answers, correct. I, I grant you two wishes, but I keep the third for myself. Walter says, okay, I want a million euros in my bank account, tax-free.

The genie says it’s done, what’s your second wish? When I get home, our little house will be a big property, says Walter. That’s done too, says the genie with a smile.

Now it’s time for my wish. I haven’t been with a woman in over 2,000 years. Let me go to bed with your wife. The couple agrees and a little later Birgit and the genie are in bed.

Walter returns home to look at his new property and check his bank account. After the romantic act is over, the genie asks Birgit. How old is your husband?

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