A Dripping Wet Naked Woman got Into a Taxi in dark stormy Night .

on a dark stormy evening Peter a

taxi driver was navigating through the

wet streets of the city the streets were

mostly empty and he was contemplating

calling it a night suddenly as he passed

a dimly lit Alleyway he noticed a

frantic hand waving signaling him to

stop as he slowed his cab and approached

the alley a figure quickly jumped into

the back seat hurriedly closing the door

to Shield herself from the rain the

abruptness of the situation caused Peter

to check his rearview mirror to get a

better look at his new passenger to his

astonishment sitting in the back seat

was a woman who appeared to be

completely naked and drenched from the

rain still a bit shocked Peter managed

to mutter where would you like to go the

woman trying to regain her composure

replied Central Station please as he

started the drive Peter’s curiosity got

the best of him every so often he would

sneak a glance into the rearview mirror

the woman sensing his repeated glances

finally asked is there a problem driver

why do you keep looking Peter clearing

his throat replied Well ma’am I couldn’t

help but notice that you don’t have any

clothes on and well I was wondering how

you intend to pay for the ride without

missing a beat the woman confidently

shifted in her seat placing her feet up

near the front and gave Peter a

suggestive look Does this answer your

question she inquired with a smirk Peter

quickly responded while glancing at the

mirror do you have anything smaller

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