A Boss Says To His Secretary

A boss says to his secretary we are travelling abroad for the week so make arrangements.

The secretary makes call to her husband, “My boss and i will be travelling abroad for some reasons”.

The secretary husband makes call to her secret lover my wife is travelling for the weekend so come to my house so that we can be together.

The secret lover makes call to the child she’s teaching lesson.

“I will not be at home this week so don’t come for lesson” .

The child makes call to his grandpa.

“Grandpa, my lesson teacher is not around so i’ll use the weekend with you.”

Then grandpa makes call to his secretary my grandson is coming to use his weekend with me so we are not travelling again.

The secretary makes call to her husband my boss said his grandson is coming to use weekend with him, so our trip is cancelled.

The husband makes a call to secret lover,

“We cannot spend the week together, my wife has cancelled her trip.”

The secret lover makes a call to little boy,

“We will still have classes as usual this week.”

The little boy makes a call to his grandfather,

“Grandpa! I’m sorry we won’t be able to spend the week together. My teacher called and said that I have to attend classes.”

The grandpa makes a call to his secretary,

“Change of plans! My grandson is no more coming. So we are still travelling this week. Make arrangements.”

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