A beautiful German woman married a American gentleman

A beautiful German woman married a American gentleman born in Virginia and they lived happily ever after in his home town.
The poor lady didn’t speak English but was determined to learn. So she enrolled in a language class and spent hours practicing every day.

One day, her husband decided to surprise her and take her out to lunch. They went to a local restaurant and ordered their meals. When the food arrived, the woman noticed that her plate was dirty.

She tried to tell the waiter about the problem, but couldn’t remember the English word for “dirty”. So she decided to use gestures instead.

She picked up a napkin, wiped her plate, and made a disgusted face. The waiter understood immediately and apologized for the dirty plate.

Her husband was impressed and asked, “How did you learn to communicate like that?”

The woman replied, “Oh, it was easy. I just remembered the German word for dirty and translated it in my head. It’s schmutzig.”

Her husband smiled and said, “Well, you’re doing great. Keep it up!”

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