18 year old Girl got pregnant by 50 year old Man – FUNNY JOKE

an 18 year old daughter named Lisa

nervously approaches her mother one day

holding a small box in her trembling

hands she reveals that she took a

pregnancy test and hesitantly shows it

to her mother the test result confirms

that Lisa is indeed pregnant tears

streaming down her face the mother

demands to not identify of the

irresponsible young man who got her

daughter into the situation I want to

know who did this to you she cries Lisa

knowing that the father of her unborn

child is from a wealthy family picks up

the phone and makes a call half an hour

later is like Lamborghini pulls up in

front of their mother’s home

a distinguished man in his late 50s with

gray hair and impeccably dressed in an

Armani suit steps out of the luxury car

and heads toward the front door the

daughter opens the door welcoming the

well-dressed man into their home he

enters the living room and greets the

father mother and Lisa good morning he

says calmly your daughter has informed

me of the situation and the results of

the pregnancy test unfortunately due to

my personal family situation I am

available to marry her however I will

take the responsibility and ensure the

well-being of your daughter for the rest

of her life he goes on to explain the

various Provisions he will make for the

unborn child if a girl is born I will be

quiz her a Lamborghini a house a Beach

villa and a one million dollar bank

account if a boy is born my legacy will

include a couple of factories and a 3

million dollar bank account if there

happens to between they will each

receive a factory and one million five

hundred thousand dollars the family

listens intently as the man outlines his

generous offer however he adds one final

point in the unfortunate event of a

miscarriage at this point the father who

had been silent throughout the entire

exchange places a firm hand on demand

shoulder and locks him directly and dies

with unwavering determination he says

you are going to try again

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