zoey deutch says s-x scene Dylan O’Brien was “uncomfortable” to film

While filming his outrageous Not Okay s*x scene, Zoey Deutch described what it was truly like and hinted that it was “uncomfortable.”

You probably bawled your eyes out at the cheesy s*x scene between Dylan O’Brien and Zoey Deutch if you’ve watched Not Okay on Hulu. At an influencer party, Colin (Dylan) takes Danni (Zoey) to have s*x with him in the restroom. The situation then rapidly deteriorates as Colin refers to Danni as his “damaged little girl,” moans a lot, and enters her within a few seconds.


People were equally turned on and repulsed by the scene, which caused it to immediately become viral online. Zoey has now spoken up about it.

Dylan revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the only scene where he “ever felt uncomfortable while filming” was the hookup scene between Colin and Danni. It was the toilet scene, he declared. He added, “But it was as comfortable as it could be since me and Zoey have a really good conversational base,” to clarify that Zoey had made it work.

Dylan stated, when asked if Colin was a realistic representation of genuine influencers and fuckboys in real life: “Because it’s all we see, I believe it to be so accurate. It seems like you read through the news and all you hear is, “Oh, hunger trap!” Fuckboys are all over the place! Must be cautious.”

In his interview with Interview, Dylan also discussed the inspiration for Colin, saying, “I’ve just always been taken aback by these, not even influencers, but these white tatted kids who talk with Black people as if they’re from the streets, appropriating Black culture, and being someone that “we” are thirsting over.”

He went on: “Although I thought it was a strange trend, I was attracted by it. I viewed the persona in this way. I wanted to attack it head-on. I desired an MGK Fortnite skin, blonde hair like Justin Bieber, and tattoos. I just wanted to make fun of someone like that.”

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