Woman cheats on her husband

A woman is cheating on her husband and her husband comes home early. In a panic her lover hides in the closet. While hiding in the closet he hears a voice “Sure is dark in here.”

The man panics and turns and finds a little boy. “What’re you doing in here?”

“I like hiding, what were you doing with mommy?”


“Doesn’t look like it, I’m gonna tell daddy.”

“Is there anything I can do to keep you quiet kid?”

“I got a baseball glove, do you want to buy it”

The man, with no real time to contemplate, nods. “Sure.”


“That’s outrageous, I refuse,”

“I’m gonna tell dad,” the boy said.

The man quickly agrees and pays the boy.

A few days later the woman and her lover are in the throes of passion when the husband again returns home early. The man once again heads to the closet where he hears the same voice, “Sure is dark in here.”

The man turns and the same boy is staring at him. “What were you doing with mommy?”


“doesn’t look like it, I’m gonna tell daddy you came here.”

“Look I can’t get caught is there anyway you can keep this quiet?”

“I got a baseball.”

The man sighs, “How much?”


“That’s more than the glove no way.”

“I’ll tell dad.”

The man quickly agrees to pay the boy.

A few days later the mom and dad are in the kitchen when the boy walks in. “Hey son, do you wanna go play catch?”

“I can’t I sold my glove and ball.”

The dad is suprised, “For how much?”


“That’s ridiculous,” the mom shouts, “You tricked someone into paying way too much for a glove and ball, I’m taking you to confession.”

On that Sunday after service the boy walks into the confession booth.

“Sure is dark in here.”

“Oh no don’t you start that shit again.”

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