Why Robert De Niro Got Pissed At Aubrey Plaza During A Bed Scene

One of the best actors working now is Robert De Niro. He has acted as some of the most well-known roles in movie history and has received Academy Award nominations. A novice actor can find working with him to be incredibly daunting, especially if they have to participate in a scene that is extremely private. While their on-screen relationship in the new film Dirty Grandpa seems to have generally gone well, it seems that Aubrey Plaza accidentally irritated De Niro by doing something he truly didn’t enjoy.

The actress says on Jimmy Kimmel Live that filming for her s-x scene with Robert De Niro took pretty much the entire day. Since nothing was predetermined to happen, director Dan Mazer would give Plaza a variety of suggestions for things to do in order to observe what worked effectively. He once advised her to take a sip from Robert De Niro’s n-p-les, which is not something you would expect a right-thinking person to do if they cherished their life. It turns out that De Niro doesn’t particularly like that.

He was kind of pushing me away. And since you never know with him, I had no idea if that was, say, in character or not. After they turned off the camera, Dan called me again and said, “Bob does not appreciate having his n-p-le area paid attention to. Don’t do that, then!

So, yes, Robert De Niro dislikes having his n-p-les taken directly. There are moments when you discover horrifying details about famous people that you simply didn’t need to know.

Being in an adult comedy like Dirty Grandpa alongside someone like Robert De Niro must be a peculiar situation. On the one hand, given the subject matter and tone of the movie, you might anticipate that a set like that would be a little crazy. Yet, Robert De Niro is still the subject of this discussion.

Even if you’re faking s-x with him, you want to treat him with respect. Not to fear, though; it seems that the Raging Bull star did at least give Aubrey Plaza some respect. It appears that he thought highly of her abilities to act sick. Check out the show’s below clip.

The lesson on interesting facts about Robert De Niro that you probably never wanted to know is now complete. Friday marks the release of Dirty Grandpa.

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