When the Man Reaches for some lube…

A couple are about to have s*x, when the man reaches for some lube…

Opening a new bottle, he notices the protective tape on the cap has already been torn off, suggesting the bottle may have tampered with.

That’s weird, he thinks to himself.

“Do not use if seal is missing” it reads on the bottle.

The man thinks for a second, but not wanting to ruin the moment, decides to go for it.

He turns out the light, squirts out the lube, applies liberally, and starts having s*x with his partner.

Everything goes well.

They go at it for over an hour, and use almost the whole bottle of lube. The s*x is amazing, and they both reach climax several times.

Afterwards, the couple are lying in bed together.

“Hey, the lube seemed fine to you, right?” asked the man.

She doesn’t respond.


He turns on the light and looks over.

Confused by the light and enthralled by the scent of the lube, the missing seal promptly mauls the man to death.

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