When a Lady go to the Gynecologist

A lady dwarf goes to her gynecologist
for her annual check up.
“Any issues or concems?”, asks the Dr.”WeII,
now that you mention it, I have noticed that
when it rains, my labia gets a bit
red and sore.”
“That’s very unusual”, says the Doc, “Hop up
on table and let me take a look.”She does,
and after a few minutes of checking he says
she can get dressed again.
‘There doesn’t appear to be anything
wrong at the moment, but next time

it rains, and you get the same reaction, I want you to come straight in. OK?”
About two weeks later, after two days of steady rain, she’s in a fair amount of discomfort and heads to the Dr’s office.

The Dr has her stand in front of him and gets her to lift up her skirt. Examining her for a few moments he says, ” You’re right, it’s very inflamed, but I think I see the problem.”

He goes to his desk and grabs a pair of surgical scissors and sits back down in front of her. “This won’t hurt a bit”, he says as the scissors near her crotch.

She’s so afraid that she has to look away. After a couple of minutes of cutting he tells her, “OK, you can let your skirt down now. Try a few steps around the office and see if that’s made a difference.”
Cautiously at first she takes little steps, then her eyes light up and she takes several big strides.

“Oh Dr!”, she exclaims joyfully, “That’s such a relief, what did you do?!”
“Not much”, he said, “I just cut about two inches off the top of your rubber boots.”

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