What happened to Chris Hemsworth that shocked people?

Chris Hemsworth will appear in a naked scene in the next Marvel Studios film “Thor: Love and Thunder,” which debuts this Thursday (7). Taika Waititi, the film’s director, calls the scene “a kind of piece of art.”

The director claimed that the scene was “the proper thing to do” because he knew that everyone would enjoy it.

The sequence in which Thor appears on his back with his butt pixelated due to the classification was already detailed in the official trailer for the film, but the version that will be shown on big screens won’t be censored.

Taika claimed that it was simple to persuade Hemsworth to appear naked in a movie in an interview with Splash.

The strategy used was just to mention how many people would see the movie just for that scene.

“I said, ‘If you do this, we’ll sell five times as many tickets, and your bonus will increase!’” assured the director.

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