Vanessa Kirby Worried About Kissing Tom Cruise in ‘Mission: Impossible 6’

Vanessa Kirby, who plays weapons broker White Widow in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, speaks with Culture Trip about the new movie, working with Tom Cruise, and how women are portrayed in the franchise.

Vanessa Kirby has admitted that she was anxious about her kissing moment with Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

White Widow, an arms dealer and “elusive sociopath,” is portrayed by The Crown actor, 30, in the next movie.

The sequence in which Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt kisses White Widow passionately on the riverbank in Paris was one of his favourites to film since Widow “took charge” of the scenario.

Kirby, though, asserts that she was worried she was “too violent” in the sequence.

“I simply didn’t believe that character would kiss someone without some form of motivation. The goal, according to her, was always to make him uncomfortable and take part in the game he was playing.
“He [Hunt] is posing as someone else. It was entertaining since she can sense it and isn’t really going to let him get away with it. I really went for it during the first few kisses and was a little concerned that it was too pushy, but in the end it made sense that it wasn’t too sensual.

Rumors that the couple was dating in real life began when photos of them filming the scene surfaced.

However, Kirby, who plays Princess Margaret in The Crown, has been dating fellow actor Callum Turner ever since they first met in 2014 while working on the movie Queen & Country.

The actress recounts how, as a little girl, she was captivated by the portrayal of women in the original Mission: Impossible movie, particularly in the roles of White Widow’s mother Max (Vanessa Redgrave), an arms dealer, and Sarah Davies (Kristin Scott Thomas), an IMF team member.

“I’ve always recalled them as having a feeling of autonomy, not being sexualized, and not in any way playing the girlfriend role. their individual stories within the plot.

“In a way, I believe it also applies to this. Angela Bassett is unquestionably powerful. Also, Rebecca (Ferguson). It was interesting to spoof that since my character runs this familial crime network, when typically a man may have that position.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, features Cruise’s Hunt and his IMF crew as they race against time after a mission goes awry.

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