The fireman and his Wife

A man came home from work one day and told his wife how good his fireman job was when they used a bell system.

He explained to her when bell 1 rang they slid down the firemans pole, bell 2 they grab thier jackets and bell 3 they were on the truck ready to go.

He also told her he wanted to use the same system so when bell 1 rang she was to go straight to the room, when bell 2 rang she was to strip n@ked and when bell 3 rang she was to be lying on the bed with her legs in the air ready to go.

When he came home the next day he rang the first bell and his wife went straight to the bedroom and then he rang the second so his wife stripped n@ked and then he rang the last bell and she was instantly lying on the bed with her legs in the air.

After a few minutes his wife screams out bell 4, bell 4. A confused husband asks what’s bell 4? The wife replies, “you need more hose, more hose, you’re nowhere near the fire!

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