Teen gets trapped in baby swing while making TikTok

She was caught in an impossible situation. A humorous YouTube video shows how a UK teen’s TikTok filming went awry after she spent over an hour stuck in a child’s swing before being released by firefighters. The mother of the child caught in the swing set’s net, Charlie Maclean of Oxfordshire, 40, said, “It was a really weird situation to walk into.”

On July 12, her daughter Layani Maclean, 14, was at the neighbourhood park filming a clip in which she and her friends alternately sat in the swing. To put it simply, the social media clout-seeker was unable to pull off the hoax. Before her mother could notify the fire brigade, Layani was forced to spend nearly 90 minutes stuck in the playground equipment.

“When my neighbour called to inform me, I simply started laughing, but when I got there, it was obvious it was a bit more serious than I first imagined,” said Charlie, who tried vainly to use detergent to release her embarrassed daughter. Fortunately, despite Layani’s discomfort over her ludicrous situation, the mother of four said the firefighters “performed a terrific job.” Particularly considering that they had to unhinge the swing while maintaining the girl’s weight and eventually squeeze her out using cleaning solution.

Charlie recalls that even the most steadfast pros couldn’t help “cracking all the potential swing jokes they could think of.”

Fortunately, the rescue squad reassured the family that they have handled similar absurd situations before and probably wouldn’t be the last.The grateful mother of Layani says, “We’re baking them a cake right now to say thank you.”

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