Stana Katic Admits She Was ‘Hurt’ By Controversial ‘Castle’ Firing

“The whole thing left me confused. I was hurt, she acknowledged. She continues by expressing her gratitude for “the fantastic run.”

Stana asserts that she can now look back fondly on her time on the show.

But now that more time has passed, I am very grateful I was a part of that initiative since it touched so many lives, Stana said. People adored that pair, the narrative we presented, and each of the characters.

It would be a disrespect to the job I performed, which I believe helped significantly to the success of the show, according to Stana, if I looked back on it and wasn’t appreciative of the fantastic run.

No one connected to ABC or Castle has ever given an explanation as to why the programme may go on without Katic, but at the time of the 2016 event, reports suggested it was a cost-cutting tactic before an ultimately dismal ninth season.

In a 2018 interview with, the current Absentia star admitted, “I’m honestly still not clear on the thought process behind the way that it went down,” before stating, “It hurt and it was a brutal finish.”

“I met so many lovely people [on the show], and we worked together on something truly special,” she swiftly said. Being anything less than thankful would be a disservice to those people, the work we accomplished together, and my work, which I believe helped make the programme successful in part.

One of the key characters in the programme, Detective Kate Beckett, was played by Stana Katic, who was fired during Season 8.

For the past eight years, Kate Beckett has been a cherished character on our popular television show Castle. We appreciate Stana Katic’s ability and commitment to the show, and we hope to keep working together. Tamala Jones has also played a crucial role in the series, and we appreciate her.

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