Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Would ‘Kiss Each Other’ on set

On “Game of Thrones,” Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner played the Stark sisters Sansa and Arya, and the two grew close in real life. They are so close that because of their proximity, there have even been past allegations of a romance.

During her appearance on Conan on Wednesday, Turner revealed that she and Williams will attempt to kiss on-location as a way to tease the show’s cast and crew.

We played into it, she says, “we completely knew about it [that people assumed we were together]. “We did. On the set, we would do the scene as normal and then attempt to kiss each other in the middle of it to see how the other actors would react.

When O’Brien pressed them on whether they thought the reports were a joke, Turner responded sharply. Yes, she admits, “you know, sometimes you just want to make out with your closest buddy.”

In joking, O’Brien remarked to his colleague Andy Richter, “Yeah, tell me about it.”

The two addressed their mutual support for one another’s mental health in a prior interview with Glamour UK.

Williams began, “I can’t tell you how many times Sophie said, ‘Go to counselling,’ before I actually did. “She genuinely supported me through various difficult breakups, including those with friends. Every time I say, “I need help! I call Sophie because this is bigger than anything I can handle on my own.

Turner agreed with Williams and stated, “We’ve supported each other through a lot of mental-health issues, particularly those involving body image. Because it feels like whatever she goes through, I also go through, she has become both mine and her crutch in that regard. You know how periods of girls who live together for a long time coincide? It seems as though our personalities and emotions are in harmony.

Williams and Turner’s relationship has drawn a lot of attention over the years, and Turner recently told Jessica Chastain that she wants to make a movie about it.

In a video for Vogue Paris, Turner, age 23, revealed her desire to direct.

As an actor, you can only exercise so much creative freedom, according to Turner. I’m very excited about being able to exercise complete creative power and develop my own vision.

Later on, she says, “My closest friend Maisie and I have an incredibly close friendship—one that I haven’t had with any of my previous girlfriends before. We wanted to make a film about a friendship that is both lovely and extremely harmful, kind of like when soulmates become friends instead of being soulmates.


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