Shocking Facts About The Amish

The Amish are a group that you’ve probably heard of, and if you live in Pennsylvania or the Midwest, you may have even seen them occasionally. However, few people actually have a thorough understanding of this enigmatic group of individuals that happily reside all throughout the United States. They have avoided technology within their own villages and, despite being amiable individuals, have mostly isolated themselves from the outside world. They have developed a completely new set of customs and traditions as a result, which are fascinating as well as enigmatic and weird. We are giving you an in-depth look at the Amish way of life, including everything from their marriage customs to their opinions on contemporary medicine.

Why Do Amish People Avoid Using Electricity?

What Is It With Amish People And Electricity?
Although it is a common misconception that Amish people utilise little power, that is not always the case. While they avoid technology, there are moments when it is necessary, such as in an emergency. They prohibit technology for a specific reason that has to do with their fervent faith in God.

They do this because of a German concept called “Gelassenheit,” which means that people should use the earth as God intended. Landline phones are permitted in some Amish communities since they are necessary, but they cannot be used in the homes.

Amish Men Avoid Mustaches, But for an Interesting Reason, Grow Long Beards

Amish Men Shun Mustaches, But Grow Long Beards For An Interesting Reason

You’ll undoubtedly notice that Amish men typically have a long beard but a clean-shaven face if you look at all the photographs of them. This custom dates back to the 1800s, a time when moustaches were associated with riches or the military, which is contrary to Amish ideals.
The Amish don’t trim their beards because they think that’s how God intended them to look. Because of what it stood for and the current fashion trend, they made the decision to shave their moustaches. Men occasionally sport shorter beards, but they often let them grow long.

People who are not Amish are viewed differently

Those Who Are Not Amish, Are Considered Something Else
Amish people have a ritual that stretches back to when they first arrived in America. Regardless of race or origin, all non-Amish individuals are referred to as English. Since they believed themselves to be Americans just like everyone else, they developed this because they lacked a term to describe foreigners.
Because their “outsider” neighbours spoke English, they began referring to them as such, and the term has persisted throughout time. When it comes to custom, Amish society rarely undergoes change, hence they continue to refer to outsiders as “English people” until this day.

Before being baptised, teenagers are not regarded as Amish.

Teens Are Not Considered Amish Until They Are Baptised
Teenagers can be baptised and welcomed as members of the Amish society once they have returned from their Rumspringa. The Rumspringa can live for many years or until they decide the outer world is not for them, hence there is no cutoff age for baptisms. Returning residents are always welcome in the neighbourhood.

Unless it is someone from outside the community, they never take photos.

They Do Not Take Pictures Unless It Is Someone From Outside The Community
Nobody in the Amish neighbourhood has a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account. They don’t even take selfies with each other because they don’t utilise electricity or electronics. Why is it prohibited when they don’t even permit paintings of people, which use no electricity?
Images of humans, including those of one’s family or self, are absolutely prohibited in the Amish community. The only thing left for people to remember an Amish person by once they pass away is their recollections. Images of persons are considered to be graven.

What Takes Place If You Break The Rules?

What Happens When You Don't Follow The Rules?
There are occasionally different repercussions for breaking the rules, which you might be wondering about. Because the Ordnung takes its laws very seriously, breaching them might result in severe punishment. Meidung, or “time out,” is one type of punishment. This occurs when a person is isolated from the community for a while yet continues to live there.
Excommunication is another punishment option. This entails that you are completely rejected by the community and are unable to continue living there. This penalty may endure for several months. The Amish employ this penalty to force offenders to learn from their errors and, ideally, repent.

Amish couples only share a bed for one night before being married.

Amish Couples Share A Bed Before Marriage For One Night Only
The Amish society has a lot of customs, particularly when it comes to romance and marriage. Before being married, a couple is permitted to share a bed for one night, but intimacy is still not permitted. Premarital interactions are categorically forbidden among the Amish due to their extreme religiosity.
The Amish think that spending this one night together before being married will strengthen their relationship. Before making a full commitment to one another, they might have a deeper conversation and get to know one another better. They assert that this evening will either deepen their friendship or reveal whether the two of them are actually destined to be together.

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