shakira wardrobe malfunction on stage

It’s not the first time Shakira has caused a stir on social media. Whether it’s about her career, her romance with footballer Gerard Piqué, or her right hook, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Shakira has made news on a regular basis in recent years. This time, though, there is no fresh information, only a snapshot from a few years ago that was recently obtained by admirers.

Her admirers clearly pay close attention to the smallest of details. They’re constantly digging up and uploading photos of the Colombian singer, both current and previous. A fan club account published the aforementioned photo. It got viral due of the large number of comments it received.

It’s a photo taken during a performance of her song ‘Loca’ a few years ago, in 2010, to be exact. Shakira was swinging her hips as usual, but she could have been pushing it a little too far… Her movements caused her jeans to drop down, showing her lack of underwear.

As expected, folks on social media couldn’t stop themselves from saying things like “mmm you forgot your bikini.”

Colombian singer Shakira had an accident with her wardrobe while recording a promotional video.

The resident of Barranquilla in Spain recorded with a gold two-piece suit that did not resist her hip movements and little by little her pants began to drop, exposing the skin of her lower waist.

After a break and with the observation of fans and photographers, the singer continued with the recording and with the same wardrobe but using her hands, as well as a matching thong that she showed, but did not show!

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