Salma Hayek: My Bubbies are naturally growing “a lot.”

You might have to convince the general public that the melons you receive from life are real.

Salma Hayek has acknowledged that her bre@sts are real, but she can appreciate why some fans might feel differently.

“Many people assumed I had bre@st augmentation,’ I remarked. I don’t blame them. My bre@sts have shrunk! So was the rest of my body,” the 54-ear-old actress remarked on “Red Table Talk,” the Facebook Watch programme she co-hosts with Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Willow Smith, and their mother.

But she grows quite naturally. It notably occurred during life transitions like pregnancy, menopause, and times of weight growth, according to Hayek.

They become smaller for some women. But some women’s b–bs do enlarge when they put on weight, while other women’s b–bs enlarge when they have children and nurse them, don’t shrink, and occasionally enlarge once again during menopause, the expert noted. “I just so happened to be one of those women for whom it occurred at every turn! When I put on weight, when I became pregnant, and during menopause.

She admitted that it has been painful as her bre@sts “just kept expanding.”

“Numerous sizes. And it’s been really hurting my back,” she remarked. “And not many people discuss this,”

Although menopause’s hot flashes and emotional heaviness are frequently discussed, Hayek noticed that the bre@st development was unexpected.

“I’ll let you in on a secret that they don’t. Hayek recently unveiled an HBO Max project on talking menopausal b–bs. “The b–bs expand – a lot,” she stated.

However, growing older has also taught the performer that the myth that women stop living when they reach a certain age is wholly false.

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