10 Pictures Of The Craziest Things People Saw On The Road

You can see some pretty odd things out on the road, whether you’re delayed in traffic and let your eyes wander to the lunatic truck driver next to you or driving along an empty highway when a comical billboard catches your attention. Additionally, you wouldn’t be the first. Drivers from all around the world have been posting images online of the most remarkable things they have seen, including Captain America reporting for duty on a motorcycle and a babushka taking an unauthorised ride on the back of a trolleybus. Scroll down and view the funniest selections that Bored Panda has made from this collection. Oh, and please vote for your favourites.

10.A Horse Cart

“They See Me Roman... They Hatin’”

A carousel horse has at last discovered freedom and meaning. For a brief moment, I thought “those mother$%##s” were mistreating that poor horse, but then I remembered it wasn’t a real pony.

9.A Shark on a Hunt

A Shark Bus Chasing A Fillet ‘O Fish In Auckland

Looks like this shark bus is hungry and Shark Bus in Auckland Chasing A Fillet ‘O Fish.

8.Captain America

Felt Extra Safe On The Roads Today

I Felt Extra Safe On The Roads Today because it captain on the daily patrol .

7.What was That A Tractor ?

While Driving Past A Tractor Trailer Truck On The Highway

On the highway, passing a tractor-trailer truck

6.Smokers Side Mirror

Smoker Puts Butts Around His Mirror Instead Of Littering

Smoker Covers His Mirror With Butts Rather Than Littering Commenters on this image stated the following:
Instead of all the bad people I see every day, I appreciate that.
One more said,
“I used to butt out my cigarette and put it in my handbag if there were no trash cans nearby. Unfortunately, a lot of the time I forgot about the butts and my bag stank like an ashtray, but it’s better than throwing them in the streets etc. No longer have to worry though because I quit the cigarettes, will be 2 years in July since my last one.”

5.Assassin’s creed

Babushka’s Creed

Imagine witnessing an elderly woman dangling outside the bus window. That is directly from a horror movie.

4.Cobras Car

Parked Next To This Car Today. New Kind Of Car Alarm?

Today I Left My Car Next To This One and when i came back i was shocked after seeing a cobra in it . A Novel Type Of Car Alarm.

3.Thors Hammer

This Guy Wins The "I Fixed It" Trophy Today

Looks like Thor hammer got stuck on car door .

2.When your mom drags you to do errands

Pulled Up Next To Me At A Red Light

The same thing was done by a person who used our HOV lanes. He was finally apprehended and ordered to identify the dummy by standing next to an on-ramp for a motorway while holding a sign that described what he had done.

1.Bad Driver

Was Not Able To Cross The Road Because Of This Bad Driver. Some People Should Never Be Given Their License

Due to this careless driver, I was unable to cross the road. Some people should  never acquire licences.

Note :

However, if you happen to observe something absurd on the road, make sure to take pictures of it only after parking your car. One of the most risky driving practises, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), is the use of a cell phone by the driver in around 21% of all traffic incidents in the US.
Use an app like LifeSaver or TrueMotion to reduce cell phone distraction. To encourage drivers to put down their phones and avert accidents caused by distracted driving, these and additional apps of a similar nature have been developed.

For instance, LifeSaver disables phone use while driving and notifies family members when the motorist has arrived safely. On the other hand, TrueMotion records your travels and offers incentives for driving without distractions. Furthermore, according to the National Safety Council, texting while driving increases collision risk by eight times. Despite the fact that this deadly practise is prohibited by law in 41 states, smoking nonetheless plays a role in 5% of accidents.

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