People Had No Idea What They Were Looking At

What is this device fastened to this FJ Cruiser’s side, exactly? — polskitaguy

When filming, it serves as a mount to hold a camera equipment. A camera might be used when off-roading to photograph the landscape or it could be utilised in movie or television productions to capture an actor operating a vehicle.

Sometimes you simply haven’t encountered something that people take for granted.

ThatStickyIcky on Reddit
ThatStickyIcky was baffled as to why their desk had an extra piece of wood that slid in and out at random.

Thankfully, folks were quite kind when they clarified that it was only intended to serve as an additional workspace surface.

“Several round, moist areas with ooze in the centre on one wall.” — Jentzm

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Although it could appear obscene or frightful, this is merely lotion that has sprayed over the wall. When that explanation was offered, jentrxm understood that it was probably coconut oil the dog had brushed off.

Obi-Jawn-Kenobi discovered white substance on their fingers after washing the aluminium shell of an old air conditioner but was unable to remove it.

It’s aluminium oxide, which can be difficult to remove because it comes off as a fine powder.

This tiny golden chunk was discovered on a beach while metal detecting.


After many false starts, the “BLEU” lettering was finally determined to be a metal ornament from a beach cover-up made by the apparel company Bleu by Rod Beattie.

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