what happened to Paris Hilton and Paris Jackson in boarding school

Paris Jackson appreciates having a friend like Paris Hilton.

Jackson discussed her relationship with her family’s acquaintances and the reasons behind her admiration for Hilton’s mother, the elder Paris, in an interview with Kathy Hilton for C Magazine.

“I adore her so much. I am inspired by her courage. She is also incredibly witty and brilliant. It’s incredibly convenient to have an experienced person there “In PEOPLE’s first look, the 22-year-old gave the magazine a statement. “She has been doing this for a while and is obviously quite skilled at navigating the business. It’s comforting to know that I can call her if I reach a fork in the road. There are many things that we have in common.”

The daughter of Michael Jackson then said that while attending a different reformatory school in Utah, she had “some very, very similar situations.” (Hilton, 39, revealed in her This Is Paris documentary from last year that she had experienced both physical and emotional abuse; earlier this month, she testified about the incident in front of a Utah court.)
According to Jackson, “I had some very, very comparable encounters with those kinds of teen settings.” “It’s fantastic to watch her come out the other end a diamond. She’s been through a lot.”

She continued, “[Hilton has taught me] the value of setting a strong example as a woman and being able to support other women. “We really don’t have as much of a head start.”

While Kathy continued, she said she appreciated how Paris “walks the walk” as opposed to just talking the talk.

“Many young people simply say what they believe to be hip at the time. She cares a lot “said Kathy, 61.
Jackson also discussed living in the era of feminism and human rights, saying that even though “people label me a hippie,” she thinks she’d prefer to be alive in the 1960s.

“I feel fortunate to be living in this era of feminism and human rights. I believe that a profound awakening is about to occur “She spoke. Additionally, I had the opportunity to collaborate with my musical idols while they were still living.

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