Natalie Dormer admits filming Game of Thrones scenes is embarrassing

In the December issue of, Natalie discussed her risqué behaviour and exercise routine.

Anyone who claims to be unconcerned with the sights is lying, she told the magazine.

It never gets less, the blonde beauty revealed, “not traumatic, that’s the wrong word, it’s not embarrassing, but it may be a little awkward.”
A scene’s choreography is quite unglamorous; it revolves entirely around camera angles, and you have to repeatedly replicate the event. Just timing and skill will do.

The singer, who was born in Reading, also admitted that she was tough with herself when it came to exercising.

“I have no coach.” I have complete self-control… I exert a lot of effort, she admitted.

Natalie talked on the change from the ultra-feminine Margaery to the brave Cressida, and how it was necessary for her to get fit.

Particularly considering that she had spent the past six months acting as Margaery Tyrell while conversing about plots while wearing a silk skirt.


Then, two months later, “there I was, running around with a rifle with some of the manliest young men you might hope to find on television, clothed in army fatigues, my head half shaved.”

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