Mom Filmed Herself Sleeping, Discovers Why She’s Always Tired

It seems like having toddlers is a contract for weariness! However, one mother grew tired of seeing her children wake up exhausted for no apparent reason. She made the decision to set up a camera to record whatever was waking her up at night.

An Young Mother’s Unexpected Fatigue

Mother of three and fitness blogger Melanie Darnell. The amazing mother is a vegan fitness expert with almost 100,000 followers on Instagram under the handle @fitmomma4three. Despite leading a healthy lifestyle, Melanie has recently felt anxious due to an unexplained lethargy. Melanie hasn’t been getting the restorative, deep sleep that comes from exercise and a balanced diet. She started waking up weak and drowsy most mornings in the last several weeks.

The Hidden Camera Experiment with Melanie

Melanie set up a camera to record herself throughout the night in an effort to figure out the cause of her restless sleep. Though she had no idea what she could uncover, anything would be preferable to continuing to experience suffering in silence! The cause of her exhaustion was not shocking to her when she listened to the tape the following morning. The initial footage only showed Melanie gently dozing off. But at about ten o’clock, her bed began to resemble a party! The night started to spiral out of control as I cuddled up with one of her agitated toddlers.

Her Funny and Relatable Find

In the video, Melanie’s eager, animated kids repeatedly wake her awake. The kids appeared to bother her all night long, from her hungry toddler to her hyper older child. The young mother’s morning fatigue is understandable given why she fights with it. Even though Melanie has been really worn out, she seldom gets irritated when her children act off!

She said, “Parenting doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.” “Let’s find comfort in the thought of each of us clutching our kids in the darkness of our homes, united in shared experience, during these moments, while also thinking of all the other parents who are up with their babies at the exact same middle-of-the-night moment.”

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