Little Johnny put the teacher in a moral dillema with his dirty bet…

A father was very upset about his son Little Johnny’s gambling habits. So he went up to school to talk to the boy’s teacher. The teacher suggested, Maybe if he lost heavily on a bet, it would cure him? The dad thought this was a good idea. That night after school she asked Little Johnny to stay behind and confronted him about his bad gambling habits. It’s not only me with bad habits, Miss, replied the boy. You’re a fraud; you pretend to be a lady, but you’ve got nothing on under that dress. I have so! she blurted out without thinking. Oh, no, you don’t, and I’ll bet you my month’s pocket money. The teacher was in a bit of a moral dilemma. She had promised to help and this would be an expensive bet for him to lose. So she lifted her skirt and flashed Little Johnny. Having won, she rang the boy’s father and told him about her bet. Darn it,” said the father. This morning he bet me two hundred dollars you’d show him your panties!

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