Little Jimmy and his Mother Affairs

Little Jimmy ends up in the wardrobe with his mothers affair…

“It’s dark in here” says little Jimmy.

The guy manages not to scream in shock and after some time he makes a deal with Jimmy. For the price of a baseball, Jimmy won’t tell his dad about the guy in Mommys wardrobe when daddy came home

The man keeps his word, gifts Jimmy a new baseball at the next visit, just to end up in the wardrobe again.

“It’s dark in here…” says little Jimmy.

Again the guy manages to talk Jimmy out of his plan to tell his father. This time for the price of a new baseball glove.

Once more he keeps word. Thinks 3 times is the charm and nothing will happen, just to end up in the wardrobe again…

“It’s dark in here…” says little Jimmy… The man sighs and a shirt, signed by the local baseball legend changes the owner.

At a weekend, Jimmys father wants to throw a few balls with his boy and is astonished when Jimmy comes out to play with the shirt, new ball and glove. All things he never bought for his boy. After a stern talking, Jimmy finally tells his father he got all the stuff as a gift from a guy so he would lie about something. Livid about the sin his boy committed, the father takes Jimmy to the next church with a confessional and places him into the confession stand.

Finally alone, Jimmy mutters: “It’s dark in here…” And the priest goes: ” Holy sh*t boy. Can you please just leave me alone?”

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