Lindsay Lohan Explained The Real Reason Tina Fey Wouldn’t Let Her Play Regina George In “Mean Girls”


Mean Girls was released in theatres about two decades ago, and it is still considered a classic by both old and new viewers.
Lindsay Lohan shared a casting truth in a recent interview with Vogue that she claims is “very undiscovered by a lot of people.”
Lindsay came across a still of herself from Mean Girls, in which she played Cady Heron, while going through her old photos. The garment in question was worn at her legendary house party, where she wore a black and pink strapless gown.
Lindsay remarked, “I wanted to portray Regina.” “I’d just finished Freaky Friday and wanted to play a relatively average female today,” she explained. I wanted to play anything other than the troubled adolescent once more.”

Lindsay played a sullen, grumpy girl in Freaky Friday (2003), who couldn’t be more unlike her mother until one day they exchange lives. In contrast to Mean Girls, where she played a kind African immigrant adjusting to high school in America.
“The director, Mark Waters, insisted that I play Cady,” “Lindsay continued. “Tina [Fey] was as well. ‘No, no, no, you’re the loving one, you have to play Cady,’ they said.”
“‘Okay, let’s get to the gorgeous part of Cady,’ I was so excited to get into the transitional section. It’s just such a charming film.”
Lindsay recalled being ecstatic to wear skirts and “look more girlie” during the Mean Girls fittings.

Cady’s outfit, on the other hand, was one of the reasons Lindsay was relieved to portray the part – “I got to chill and relax, and everyone was kind of jealous that I was wearing shoes and they couldn’t.”
Well, I for one am overjoyed with the casting! Watch the full Vogue interview below to learn more about Lindsay and the tales behind her former fashion looks:

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