Lily James Says She Reached Out to Pamela Anderson About ‘Pam & Tommy ‘ with No Response’: ” I Was Hopeful’

Pamela Anderson was willing to offer advice to Lily James as she filmed the upcoming Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy.

In a cover story for Net-a-Porter Porter’s that was released on Monday, James, 32, claimed that she contacted Anderson, 54, in advance of the series’ filming in an effort to include her in the venture. James claims that she received no reaction, though.

“I had high hopes that she would take part. I wish anything had changed, “James revealed to the source. “My only goal was to preserve the plot and portray Pamela honestly.”

She continued, “I was extremely hoping that we would be in touch right up until we started filming,” mentioning how much she “cares” about the Pam & Tommy series.
She put in a lot of preparation for her leading role, James remarked during the interview.

James declared, “I’ve never worked so hard. I can follow along with all of Anderson’s interviews since I have read all of her books and have read her poetry.

She continued by saying that she also found Anderson’s physical alteration to be “freeing and empowering.”

The Cinderella actress said, “Slowly, our wonderful crew reached a balance where I resembled Pamela but also felt like I could act through it. She would be in makeup for roughly four hours starting at three in the morning, putting on a chest plate, wig, and tan.
“I’ve never done anything where I drastically alter my appearance. And I really want to keep going in this direction since I found it to be extremely liberating and freeing “She went on. “That led to bravery, to be sure. A bravery that resulted from… vanishing.”
The Downton Abbey actress even made light of the fact that, after filming, she “hated” going back to being herself, saying it was like being “ripped of all these superpowers.”


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