Lily James defends raunchy Love scenes in Disney Plus series Pam & Tommy

The new Disney+ series Pam & Tommy’s explicit s*xual content has been defended by actress Lily James, who called them “vital.” In the musical, which is based around the time her 1990s s*x tape with ex-husband Tommy Lee was posted online, the Mamma Mia star, 32, plays Baywatch legend Pamela Anderson.

The eight-part series, which premieres on the streaming site on Tuesday, has already drawn criticism for scenes that would make Pam blush. But Lily told The Sun, “We truly thought that the s*x scenes had to be a part of the tale and had to be crucial to the writing and looking at what happened.

“Nothing was put in stone, and it was a very beautiful continuous conversation.” Pam is “one of the biggest stars in the planet” and “an icon,” according to Lily, who also stated that she “liked” researching the celebrity for the part.

Added her: “I learned a lot from this. It was unquestionably my biggest acting challenge to date. I absolutely liked how alive it felt.” Former Pam Tommy reportedly said to his friend Guerin Swing that he is “happy” to have made history and that he will watch the couple’s television series.

Tommy, according to his friend, will watch. But Pamela is said to have decided never to see the programme since she feels their four-year marriage was “ruined” by the s*x tape. Previously, he claimed to The Sun: “Let them know we did it first, Tommy recently urged to me. Earlier than the Kardashians and everyone else. Let the motherf***ers know that we were the first to break the internet.”

Guerin said “In essence, they are just being kids and having fun with a new toy—a video camera. Tommy never revealed the footage to me or anybody else. Never once did he criticise Pam. Nobody else was allowed to see it.”


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