Lea Seydoux ‘didn’t know about n-d-ty’ when accepting French Dispatch role

Lea Seydoux has claimed that the director of the next Wes Anderson movie The French Dispatch first showed her an animation of the moment before she realised she would have to be naked in it.

Lea takes on the role of a prison guard who acts as a live model for Benicio del Toro’s violent prisoner and artist, which necessitated that she perform several difficult poses while completely naked.
The movie is divided between three stories told by reporters for the magazine, which is heavily influenced by the New Yorker, and is named after the fictitious Kansas Evening Sun section of the Liberty.

She told the PA news agency that when she initially decided to take on the part, she was unaware of nudity, adding, “I saw him in Paris” and “I’m thinking for you.” Do you want this little piece that’s here? Of sure, Wes, I’ll do anything for you, I responded.

Then, he sent me nothing but lines, making it challenging to comprehend the character in whole.

I eventually began to get what he had in mind after seeing the town where the movie was filmed.

Lea added that because they were both “shy” about it, Wes had utilised an animated sequence to demonstrate to her what she would need to do.

He and I are both really bashful, so I gradually understood, the woman said.

“I watched the movie because he makes these adorable animated shorts, and they are hilarious. He creates each voice.

“Well, he played Simone, and I must admit, he did it quite well, so basically, watching an animated film is what I should do,” It’s a fairly well-known technique.

It’s hilarious since I only had five lines when he gave them to me.

“Ok, that’s the part, five lines?” I thought.

But it’s true that she communicates a lot nonverbally. And another thing I appreciate about Wes is how much you can convey through your body language, which adds a hilariously humorous depth. I particularly enjoyed the first section since it is lovely and poetic.

Timothee Chalamet, Frances McDormand, Saoirse Ronan, Jeffrey Wright, Tilda Swinton, and Bill Murray, who all appear in the most recent James Bond film No Time To Die, are the stars of The French Dispatch.

In the UK, theatres are now showing The French Dispatch.

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