Jong walks into a school in North Korea.

Jong walks into a school in North Korea. He asks a student “Who is your father? The student replies “The Supreme Leader, infinite in wisdom and kindness, provider and protector of the Koreans, he is our only father.”

Jong beams. “Excellent. Now tell me who is your mother?”

The student doesn’t hesitate. “The Land of True Korea, outstanding in beauty and grace, nurturer and home to all Koreans, she is our only mother.”

Jong nods approvingly, but then he asks one more question: “And who am I?”

The student pauses for a moment, deep in thought. Finally, he responds: “You are the son of the great leader, the defender of the people, the shining star of our nation.”

Jong looks pleased with the answer, but then he leans in and whispers to the student, “Actually, I’m just a substitute teacher. Your regular teacher is out sick today.”

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