Jenny McCarthy says Steven Seagal harassed her during audition

Jenny McCarthy has spoken out again about her allegations of sexual harassment against Steven Seagal, which she first revealed in a 1998 interview with Movieline. McCarthy, along with Portia de Rossi, Lisa Guerrero, and Julianna Margulies, have all claimed to have experienced inappropriate behavior from Seagal.

McCarthy discussed her story on her Sirius XM Radio show on Thursday. She claimed that she had gone to an audition for the film Under Siege 2, wearing a muumuu in order to direct attention to her face and acting skills.

When she arrived at the audition, she found that Seagal was the only other person present. Seagal reportedly sat down on a couch and invited McCarthy to sit next to him, but she refused. She alleged that Seagal then bragged about himself before suggesting that there was n-dity in the film and that he couldn’t tell what McCarthy’s body looked like under her dress. McCarthy stated that she told Seagal that her agent had said there was no n-dity in the film, to which Seagal allegedly replied that there was off-camera n-dity.

McCarthy said that she then ran out of the building and Seagal followed her, threatening her not to tell anyone about the incident. A spokesperson for Seagal denied McCarthy’s allegations in a statement to The Daily Beast in October. De Rossi also accused Seagal of similar behavior, tweeting that he unzipped his leather pants during an audition and said it was important to have chemistry off-screen. Margulies claimed that Seagal showed her his gun when she went to his hotel room to go over a scene with him. Seagal and Warner Bros. have not yet commented on McCarthy’s allegations.

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