I Got a Knock On The Door And Saw a Woman Wearing Only a…

a new tenant moved into the

apartment across from me a couple of

days later there was a knock at the door

I opened the door and there stood the

most stunningly beautiful woman I’d ever

seen and as far as I knew all she was

wearing was a mid thigh length satin

night gown which was tied at the waist

and just barely covered her massive

breasts she smiled and asked if she

could borrow some sugar

I stammered a quick yes and got her a

cup but we stood in the hallway chatting

for a moment I found it difficult to

concentrate as her gown seemed to slowly

part showing more and more and my pecker

got harder and harder with the view

suddenly she looked around then

whispered I hear someone coming maybe we

should carry on the conversation in my

apartment she grabbed my hand and we

quickly entered her apartment

she closed the door then turning towards

me she slowly undid her robe letting it

fall to the floor she was now completely

naked well she said seductively what do

you think is my best feature your ears I

reply Softly As I gazed in Wonder my

ears she replied questioningly yeah when

you said you can hear someone coming it was me

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