Henry Cavill Believes Tom Cruise breaking his ankle Was Actually A Good Thing For Mission: Impossible Fallout

Henry Cavill believes that Tom Cruise’s wounds in Mission: Impossible – Fallout ultimately benefited the film. In action movies, Cruise is renowned for performing his own stunts. In preparation for a crucial scene in Fallout, he also learned to operate a helicopter. Although this commitment to authenticity is wonderful, there are certain risks involved. Filming had to be stopped for a while after Cruise fractured his ankle while leaping from one structure to another.

The actor who plays August Walker in the follow-up, Henry Cavill, explained to Metro.co.uk how Cruise’s injury benefitted the film by allowing them to recover from a “knackered” phase.

“I don’t recall how many months had passed at that point, but we were all exhausted. We simply thought, “You know what, it’s not a bad time to recoup and we can just rest up a bit, make sure everything’s right and come back,” when the break literally came and then the pause. We also did. It was fantastic and greatly benefited us.

It’s plausible that Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie spent the downtime polishing the screenplay to make sure it was up to grade since he recently stated that the movie didn’t start filming with a finalised script. The rest of the ensemble definitely valued the opportunity to rest because action films like Mission: Impossible are demanding to make.

According to Cruise’s Mission: Impossible co-star Rebecca Ferguson, who plays IIsa Faust, the other actors weren’t concerned about doing the film’s massive stunts in light of Cruise’s injuries.


According to Ferguson, there is always some cause for alarm. Nothing is normal about the situation—the guy is dangling from a chopper. In light of what could actually occur, it seems a little pitiful for him to break an ankle while leaping over two houses.

You’re always conscious that bad things could happen. However, he recovered quickly, didn’t he? I am aware of how agonising it was. He was hobbling around the set when he stopped and started jogging again.

Insurmountable Mission Fallout seems to live up to the hype, lifting this always improving game even higher.

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