Executive Boss checked into Hotel and ask receptionist for Company for Night.

after a six-hour conference an

executive checked back into his hotel he

said to the receptionist I’m going to my

room to shower and rest up for a while

if one of your female staff would be

interested in keeping me company tonight

I’d make it well worth her while he was

quite a good looking bloke so after

about an hour the receptionist being off

duty by this time went up to his room

his door was open slightly and he was

lying on the bed naked she peaked

through the crack and had a look at him

he was wellb built but his lad seemed to

be a bit on the small side in fact it

even had the word little tattooed on it

she went back downstairs and had a word

with one of the chambermaids who was

definitely up for a bit of extra money

the following morning the receptionist

was was on duty again when the

chambermaid came down the stairs she

looked absolutely wrecked her hair was

all over the place her makeup was a mess

her skirt was on back to front and her

lipstick was

non-existent well Linda how did your

night go the chambermaid replied oh my

god I’ve just had the most incredible

night in my entire life and you should

have seen his tattoo it said Little Rock

Junior Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President

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