Employees Reveal the Most Bizarre Things They’ve Experienced on the Job

It goes without saying that customers can be pretty boisterous. Any job that requires interaction with people, such as working at a theme park, a casino, or as a flight attendant, will undoubtedly result in some interesting tales. However, nothing could have prepared us for these absurd anecdotes told by actual workers. Simply put, these individuals have witnessed events. So fasten your seatbelts because the ride is going to get pretty bumpy.

10.This Passenger Who Literally Treats the Flight Attendant Like Trash

This Passenger Who Treated the Flight Attendant Like a Literal Trash Bin
It must be thrilling to board an aircraft with famous people. Getting individuals who behave like diva-types despite not being particularly well-known is definitely not one of them. One passenger on this aircraft insisted that she receive her drinks quickly upon request and became irate when she didn’t. This woman hurled her empty cup at her flight attendant after finishing her drink. Up until you learn that she was a significant figure, this behaviour appears ludicrous.

9.Your oddities should be left at check-in.

Please Leave Your Oddities at Check-In
And just when we thought the situation couldn’t get much crazier, a flight attendant told us about a guy who didn’t control his foot obsession. The flight attendant initially observed two older women who were seated on her flight; each time she passed them, they seemed incredibly uncomfortable yet they never said anything. The flight attendant and her coworkers eventually had to look into it. It appears that a man tickled and kissed these women’s feet the entire flight beneath their seats. The women were ashamed and unable to speak for embarrassment.

8.Quick cleanup Required for the Pirate Boat at the amusement park

Urgent Clean up Needed in the Amusement Park's Pirate Boat
The swinging boat ride at the majority of amusement parks is well-known. It looks quite basic: you travel back and forth in a big ship, then you get off. But what happens if the ride has a problem and keeps swining? One worker at a theme park learned the truth. “I hit the emergency stop button, but the trip isn’t stopping,” the driver’s attendant remarked. Unfortunately, the individuals did not respond well and then started to vomit on their other travellers, starting a domino effect.

7.Those Children Didn’t Expect Such a Big Inheritance

Those Kids Were Not Expecting That Large of an Inheritance
The lesson in the following tale, which was given by a casino employee, is to live each day as if it were your last. I witnessed a man enter the casino on his 50th birthday with his children, win a $50,000 jackpot, and then pass away from a heart attack. A truly terrifying experience for the family and such a crazy roller coaster trip, but at least everyone is now suddenly richer as a result of it.
Putting aside the dark comedy, we feel horrible for this man’s family. The birthday party definitely didn’t go as planned.

6.Left chained to a pole like a dog was a little child.

A Child Was Left Tied to a Pole Like a Dog
Most people understand the reasoning behind the strange-looking leashes that are frequently seen tied to kids in crowded amusement parks and busy malls: it ensures that you won’t lose your child. However, it sometimes appears that the parents who make use of these need a gentle reminder that their children are not actually pets. One ride attendant at an amusement park observed a family trying to board a ride with their leashed toddler before being advised that their youngster was too little. Then they went ahead and tied him to a pole so they could enjoy the rides in the park.

5.When a Star Helped the Flight Attendant

When a Celebrity Saved the Flight Attendant
One passenger on a typical trip started talking to herself, which prompted the flight attendant to approach. Things then get weird as the flight attendant continues to narrate the tale. She screamed at the top of her lungs, “YOU’RE EVIL!” and started hitting me with her pillow when I said, “Ma’am?” They thought they would have to turn the jet around to get her to calm down. The story doesn’t end there, though.
According to the flight attendant, “Maria Bello, an actress, enters the aircraft from the back. via ER. She starts repeating the Lord’s Prayer till the woman becomes peaceful.”

4.Bathroom Vandalism with a Hint of Human Poop

Bathroom Graffiti With a Touch of Human Feces
Prepare yourselves for another terrifying amusement park tale. This time, though, it has little to do with the rides and everything to do with a very repulsive patron. One park staffer remembered getting a call to check out the men’s restroom; what he saw would change him forever. We’ll simply let him tell you what he learned since it’s his story: “What appeared to be a prehistoric picture of horses and arrows was found inside, but it was made of human faeces. Literally, it was present everywhere.”

3.This Is Why It Is Not a Good Idea To Combine Sleep Aids With Alcohol

This Is Why You Shouldn't Mix Sleeping Pills With Alcohol
The experience of this flight attendant should serve as a caution about consuming alcohol while taking medication. In their account, “Where are we? a man yelled as he sprinted to the back of the aircraft. He was obviously inebriated when I told him we were on an aeroplane and had just left Dallas.” We should all take note of this person’s bewilderment and avoid mix, especially before boarding an airline.
Since you couldn’t board a plane without a boarding permit, the flight attendant had to confirm that the man was where he belonged before learning that he had taken Ambien.

2.Gamblers Who Would Rather Lose a Seat Than Poop

Gamblers Who Rather Poop Themselves Than Lose a Seat
Nothing evokes astonishment and outrage like the “pooping incident” involving this casino employee. After having an accident in his pants while playing at the casino, one of the patrons “went to our employee wardrobe and asked for an extra pair of uniform pants, and the player merely proceeded with their gambling” instead of calling it a night. If pants weren’t available, we wonder what the gambler would have tried.

1.It Took Security to Intervene to Save Their Lives

Security Had to Step in to Save Their Lives
All of us had to participate in fire drills in school, and we all learnt that it is best to get away. However, there are some things that are simply more significant than others, such as your poker game. As demonstrated by the words of the casino worker, “Smoke Alarm? Who’s leaving the building now? No, 10-15% of the gamblers will stay at the machines until security grabs them.” Some people lack the instinct for survival.

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