Emily Ratajkowski reveals how she sell her Book

Without playing on her sex appeal, Emily Ratajkowski claims she wouldn’t have “sold as many books”: “That’s how the world operates,”
Emily Ratajkowski is being honest about how she contributes to the maintenance of beauty standards.

The 31-year-old supermodel talked about navigating the fashion industry while being aware of the message she’s delivering to young girls.

She told Harper’s Bazaar, “I absolutely understand that sexualizing oneself and releasing photographs into the world that uphold the beauty ideal is challenging. “I’m not attempting to escape responsibility. But if I hadn’t done that, I doubt I would have sold as many books. That is how the world operates. We all take part in systems that we disagree with, after all.”

The author of My Body continued by saying that, in contrast to what some anti-feminists might believe, women can be both intelligent and seductive.

Without worrying about whether I’m a good or bad feminist, she said, she wanted to be able to enjoy how she carried herself in public. “Duh. If you don’t want me in your club, I’m not interested in joining. It’s alright!”

The recently divorced mother has been occupied lately refuting allegations regarding her love life. In September, she announced that she was divorcing Sebastian Bear-McClard.

She said, “I can assure you I’ve never been single before. “I experience every feeling. I’m sad and angry. I experience elation. I’m happy. I sense humour. Each day is unique. I only know that I’m experiencing those emotions, which is fantastic because it gives me hope that everything will be alright.

The model has been reevaluating her priorities since she and Bear-1-year-old McClard’s son Sylvester became parents. Now, she says, her mother plays the most significant role in her life.

It forced me to reconsider my priorities, such as what I want to educate my son. She spoke of being a mother. I’ve never in my life had such distinct priorities. Sly is ranked first, and

The model is indeed moving into a new stage, which she recently dubbed her “bitch era.”

She stated in an interview with The Cut that “generally speaking, I think rage is something all of us have a poor relationship with.” “Justified fury can actually be very beneficial. Anger doesn’t necessarily have to result in violence or toxic masculinity; it might just result in being a bitch. Anger can lead to a lot of wonderful things.”


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