deaf-mute guy goes into a pharmacy to buy some Protection

After looking around the shop for a while and being unable to spot what he wants, he goes up to the counter and signs to the pharmacist, who only looks at him in mild bewilderment. The deaf-mute pats his pockets for a pencil and paper only to realize that he’s come out without any, and he resorts to increasingly basic sign language with no success. Eventually, in exasperation, he has a quick look around to make sure no-one’s coming into the shop, places a $5 bill on the counter, unzips, and slaps his dick down next to it. The pharmacist shrugs, puts down $5 of his own, unzips, slaps down a rather larger dick and then picks up the money.

As the deaf-mute begins to jump up and down and shake his fist, the pharmacist just shrugs: “Fella, if you’re gonna get sore when you lose, you didn’t oughtta bet!”.

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