Daisy Ridley says Hollywood directors branded her as ‘aggressive’ and ‘intimidating’

Daisy Ridley is speaking out about how people view her on work.

The actor claimed she had received the labels “aggressive” and “intimidating” in the February issue of the British magazine Tatler (via Yahoo). The latter comment was made while she was filming her most recent film, “Chaos Walking.”


She described the incident to the magazine, saying, “I was having my hair done, having my wig put on.” “I distinctly recall asking God, “Should I be smaller? Do I need to be quieter?””


When Ridley was chosen to play Rey in the most recent “Star Wars” trilogy, she became instantly famous around the world. However, she claimed that wasn’t the only time she had heard what people in the business actually thought of her.

She continued, “I’ve also been labelled aggressive.” “My energy is extremely aggressive,” the director said at a meeting.
I asked myself, “But why?” Ridley went on. “Is it a result of our continued eye contact? Is it because I’m so interested in what we’re discussing? Who knows? When you wonder, “God, do I not come across the way I think I do,” you get that awful sinking feeling.”

According to Ridley, who saw herself as private, she made a conscious effort to keep her intimate affairs out of the public light.

Nothing in my contract with “Star Wars” that said, “Your life will be talked about,” the actress claimed. “When I reached that point, I understood how much of my life was public. People were aware of the names of my mother, father, and sisters’ employers. I also considered how lovely it would be to have something that is only for myself and not for everyone else. Just for the sake of keeping it separate, I thought.”

Tom Holland will appear in the sci-fi thriller “Chaos Walking,” which is set to release in 2019.

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